School Attendance


Whilst we all know that it is inevitable that children will have periods of illness during their time at school, it is essential that we look at ways to minimise this and the impact it has on achievement. Regular and punctual school attendance is essential – only pupils who attend school regularly can take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them.

Reporting a Pupil Absence:

School Absence Line

01527 62928

Text absence line



If your child remains unwell, please contact us with an update every day. If you would like to discuss your child’s absence please contact Miss Tomkins, School Administrator.

Why is it so important to attend every day?

  • Learning is a progressive activity; each day’s lessons build upon those of the previous day(s).
  • Reading the material and completing work independently does not compensate for direct interaction with the teacher.
  • Many classes use discussions, demonstrations, experiments and participation as part of the daily learning activities, and these cannot be made up by those who are absent.

What can parents do to help?

  • Parents must model the value of education, including the importance of regular attendance.
  • Make sure that your child goes to school regularly and arrives on time-you will establish a good habit that they will carry through life.
  • If your child starts missing school, work with the school to put things right. Make sure your child understands that you do not approve of him/her missing school.
  • If your child is ill or must miss school for some other reason, contact school immediately. If you ask for home learning, make sure your child completes it.
  • Do not expect school to approve of shopping trips, birthday treats etc. during school hours. Arrange family holidays so that your child will not miss any learning.
  • Take an interest in your child’s school work and be involved in the school as much as possible-your child will value school more if you do.

Leave of Absence Request

There may be a time when you feel you need to request leave for your child during term time. For all planned term time absence we ask that you complete the form below and forward to Miss Tomkins in the school office. Any email requests should be sent to

The request will be processed and passed to Mrs Koser, our Headteacher for consideration on whether the absence is for an exceptional reason to take your children out of school and we will respond accordingly.

In line with government plea for parents not to take children out of school during term time, we ask that all family holidays are booked during school holidays. A full list of our term dates can be found on the school website.

Our attendance support in school is Miss Tomkins.

All pupils should be in their classroom by 8:45am when the bell rings for registration, the gates open at 8:30am for children to enter school. Any pupils arriving after 8:45am must enter the building via the main reception and sign in. Any pupils arriving after 8:45am will be marked as late in the register.

Lateness is monitored on a weekly basis by Miss Tomkins.

5 minutes late each day = 3 days lost over a year

10 minutes late each day = 6.5 days lost over a year

15 minutes late each day = 10 days lost over a year

20 minutes late each day = 13 days lost over a year

30 minutes late each day = 19 days lost over a year

Leave of absence request form